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Preconception Counselling

Women’s Healthcare Clinic deals in providing world-class Preconception Counselling services. Preconception counselling is the meeting of the parents with the Preconception Counselling services, a specialized doctor. During this meeting, a thorough discussion occurs between the two parties regarding the parents’ examination of their health and pregnancy.

In the discussion, women get awareness about the risks related to pregnancy fertility, arising issues, cons, and fetus. Then, based on her current state of health, she is educated deeply and given suggestions on how she can lead to a better pregnancy, illustrated precautions before starting the conception process.

Changes after your first Preconception Counselling ?

A qualified Preconception Counsellor will suggest beneficial changes that will prove highly helpful for others and the unborn child’s overall health. You will be asked to make the following changes after the first meeting

  • Test of Blood Sugar Level
  • Hypertension patients will be able to make some changes in their current intake of medications to safer ones
  • Changing prescription of Anticonvulsants to safer and better ones
  • Stress management methods
  • Putting an end to smoking & alcohol consumption 
  • Management of Hypothyroidism
  • Overcoming Obesity problem
  • A thorough discussion on the age factor; more the age, more is the fewer chances of fertility
  • Supplementation of the folic acid
  • Determining the Rubella antibody status
  • Suggestion on the best fertility period

The goal of a Preconception Counselling

The Preconception Counselling by the Women Healthcare Clinic counsellors is aimed at boosting the overall health status of women by building awareness concerning their current health status, expected complications & working on them. Following this way, a safe pregnancy is intended. Let’s understand in depth below how it works

  • Minimizing the childbirth-related defects
  • Asking about the current medical health conditions & medication such that they do not affect a woman’s pregnancy. 
  • Ensuring to guide a way that will lessen the rate of loss of pregnancy
  • Changing the current intake of medications to a better one in case they can harm a woman’s fetus. 
  • Providing a supporting hand to the couples for pregnancy
  • Focussing on boosting the current health

Preconception Counselling Appointment

Women’s Healthcare Clinic has the best Preconception Counsellors having years of experience in this domain. Successful treatment of numerous clients and a smile on their faces has given our clinic utmost satisfaction. Our Preconception Counsellors are the high experts who can suggest the proper measures in any hardships a couple is facing related to pregnancy. Apart from the things mentioned below, a brief discussion on your menstrual cycles and ovulation period also occurs. Our team will generally take the two tests as stated below

Lab Test

It puts forward various unseen body diseases. The test will include

  • CBC – Complete Blood Count Testing
  • Hepatitis Testing
  • HIV Testing
  • Pap Smear
  • Rubella Testing
  • Testing for Diabetes
  • Thyroid Testing

Physical Examination

Our experts take the physical exam during the appointment time. The exam includes the following

  • Scanning the Lungs condition, Thyroid, Heart Rate, Abdomen, and Breast.
  • Pelvic Examination
  • Blood Pressure Measurement 
  • Weight Recording

Preconception Counselling : Faq

  • Is Genetic Counseling necessary before Pregnancy?

    The doctor will suggest you and your partner ahead with Genetic Counseling. It is usually taken before trying for the pregnancy. The testing is done for sickle trait/sickle cell disease or the Tay-Sachs. It is highly recommended if the couple has known the certain Genetic Conditions in his family history. It will bring forth the relevant information that is further shared with your pregnancy management healthcare team. It will ultimately help the couple to get the best advice before conceiving. 

  • What are all things discussed during the Preconception Counselling?

    In Preconception Counselling, the Counsellor will discuss your lifestyle, vaccination, OB/GYN history, family history, and general medical history. After gaining some good insights into all of these major areas, you are provided with the lifestyle changes and this test you need to go through to ensure a safe pregnancy. For example, you might be asked to cut down on smoking, alcohol, other habits of having heavy junk food, etc. All of these suggestions are effectively provided based on the varied cases of each woman. 

  • What is the right time to Schedule Preconception Counselling?

    The ideal time to schedule Preconception Counselling or visit a doctor is at least three to four months before you plan to conceive. Why is it so? Because it gives you ample time to make several changes in your body and general day-to-day habits. It will educate the women and ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for both the mother and the child. 

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