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What is Abortion or Medical Termination of Pregnancy ?

The term Abortion or Medical Termination of Pregnancy is associated with the permanent cessation of the pregnancy in women. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy becomes a need when you have unprotected sex. For example, you might be underage to become pregnant, assault, rape case, or ended up being pregnant despite having taken all the precautions.

It is done voluntarily and generally occurs when a woman isn’t prepared for a pregnancy, or her surrounding conditions don’t allow her to do so. Medical Termination of Pregnancy, in general, is a speedy process and is completed within a day. You are not required to get admitted to the hospital to perform this procedure.

What are the methods for Medical Termination of Pregnancy ?

There are two methods of abortion in general

Surgical Abortion

Surgical Abortion makes us of transcervical techniques rather than medications to stop unwanted pregnancy in women. It comprises evacuation, dilatation, and aspiration. It is generally preferred when you need an IUCD or a concurrent tubal ligation insertion. So it is comparatively a much quicker process. As per societal norms, it is to be done within 12 weeks of getting pregnant.

Medical Abortion

Medical Abortion is a non-surgical form of abortion. Here, instead of performing surgery, abortion medications are used to terminate the pregnancy. According to the World Health Organization, medical abortion is done before 63 days of getting pregnant or in less than nine weeks. Notably, having an abortion within seven weeks or less than 49 days is approved in India.

Counselling on Medical Termination of Pregnancy

If for any reason, you are planning for Abortion, having prior counselling with the abortion specialist is a mandatory thing to do. Our counsellor at the Abortion Centre in Navi Mumbai has in-depth knowledge on this field based on case to case. Women’s Healthcare Clinic is known as the leading Pregnancy Termination Clinic in Mumbai, India. Scheduling a meeting with our highly experienced team will ensure the following things

  • Adequate diagnosis takes place to ensure your pregnancy.
  • Performing blood tests and other check-ups related to abortion.
  • Deep diving into your past medical history
  • Analyzing your current health issues.
  • Counselling on the possible threat of abortion, side effects, and upcoming complications based on your current health 
  • Performing the ultrasound test. It will confirm your exact date of pregnancy. It will also make sure that your pregnancy isn’t happening outside of your uterus. 
  • Checking for the tumour, if any.

All such details shared over the personal counselling sessions are kept confidential and safe at our Abortion Centre in Navi Mumbai.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy : Faqs

  • Does Abortion has any effect on my Fertility in the future?

    According to the studies, Medical Abortion or Surgical Abortion has no effect or minor effect on women’s reproductive health or Fertility. Only in rare cases, I.e., less than 1%, the fallopian tubes can get damaged due to the pelvic infection. It is the only reason a woman can experience infertility issues or ectopic pregnancy in the upcoming future. But, there is nothing to worry about – with the help of a proper Pregnancy termination clinic, such problems are taken care of to stop the infection in the shortest time possible. 

  • Do irregular periods lead to Infertility?

    Irregularity in the periods, I.e., when your periods are happening much before or later than the expected date, can lead to women’s infertility. Although it doesn’t guarantee a 100% reason for being infertile yet it is one of the causes of infertility in women. The best thing to do is get your check-up done from the clinic offering the Medical Termination of Pregnancy-related check-ups and relevant services. They will guide you on why your infertility isn’t getting over. 

  • Is abortion safe for me?

    Abortion is generally considered as safe. The termination of pregnancy in the Abortion Centre in Navi Mumbai is done either via a surgical method or a medical method. Both ways are considered to be safe. In a while, the risks associated with abortion are lesser than having an unplanned pregnancy and childbirth, as it puts both of them at risk somehow. 

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