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What is an IUI Treatment or an Infertility Treatment in Mumbai ?

IUI Treatment is the treatment carried forward for women who are not capable of getting pregnant. The IUI treatments treat this drought caused due to infertility. It is also known as Intrauterine Insemination or Artificial Insemination. The therapy is considered the least intrusive treatment method to cure infertility problems. It doesn’t require the use of strong medications or stringent procedures, making it ideal.

The procedure of Infertility Treatment in Mumbai ?

Famous as the IUI centre in Mumbai, Women Healthcare Clinic conducts the procedure of IUI Treatment in the following ways

  • The semen sample of the donor is thoroughly washed by taking it in the laboratory. It is carried using the centrifugation machine. This way, all the contaminant particles, and abnormal sperm gets washed out during the process.
  • A small quantity of good quality sperm measuring 0.4ml is taken into the IUI Cannula. It afterwards is transferred into the woman’s uterus. All such steps take place under supervision and using sonography.
  • The ultimate sample taken is injected inside the fundus of the uterus in women.
  • Approximately 3 to 6 cycles take place based on your condition.

Condition of Infertility Treatment in Mumbai

Under the following conditions stated below, the IUI treatment in Mumbai is carried out

  • Women currently facing the PCOS problem
  • Sexual intercourse is filled with enormous pain
  • Women aren’t aware of the causes of infertility
  • A state where you’re facing the hostile cervical mucus
  • The serum of her partner has no sperm
  • Previously tried fertility drugs aren’t successful enough to bring forth the pregnancy

Why choose a Women's Healthcare Clinic for Infertility Treatment in Mumbai ?

Women’s Healthcare Clinics believe in bringing forth the contentment in the faces of couples who have struggled for quite a while in becoming parents. Filled with world-class machinery, operation theatres, and other equipment has made us the number 1 choice among people. Experience and real-time exposure drive the success rate of infertility treatment as per the general public. To fulfil this, we would like to let you know that our staff and all the infertility treatment specialists have years of experience in this domain.

We have handled and catered to multiple infertility cases in the past with a more than 80% success rate. Our overall IUI treatment in Mumbai is pocket-friendly. What makes us the best IUI centre in Mumbai is that we have a particular provision for quality checking of sperm, looking out for all the impurities in them, cleaning, and inserting them with caution. Based on the medical tests, medications for Infertility Treatment in Mumbai, and ultrasound – our cost is fair enough compared to the market cost.

Infertility Treatment in Mumbai : Faq

  • What factors ensure the IUI Success Rate?

    Numerous factors can be taken into consideration while determining the assurance of a success rate of an IUI. These factors include the overall period of the Women’s Infertility, determining the quality & quantity of the sperm based on their moving speed, the primary reason infertility happened, the age of the women, and the type of ovarian stimulation usage. 

  • What is the Risk Associated with IUI Treatment?

    With IUI treatment, there is less than 1% risk associated, although exceptional cases will always be there. By any chance you are among those less than 1% people, then the chances are that you might suffer from pelvic infections. These infections occur due to the side effects of the medications taken to treat Infertility Problems. As a side effect, you might face discomfort & swelling in the ovaries. It is a result of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

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