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The Best Contraception Clinic in Mumbai

Women’s Healthcare Clinic is the most prominent Conception Clinic in Mumbai. The main aim of the Contraception Clinic is to prevent pregnancy in women. With the sperm of the man finding its way to one of the women’s eggs, it can get her pregnant. It generally takes place when unprotected sex happens. With the help of contraception, it stops the production of eggs or fertilization. Our team makes sure to create awareness about reproductive and sexual health via proper counselling.

Birth Control Working in Contraception Clinics

Birth Control Clinics or Contraception Clinics are designed to control unwanted women’s pregnancies. Birth Control Clinics or Contraception Clinics work in either of the following ways

  • Implanting IUD devices inside the uterus of a woman. It can be safely placed inside the uterus for years to come without causing any external or internal harm to the body. 
  • Using the Sterilization procedure. It will make a woman infertile and keep her away from getting pregnant forever. Also, it will never allow a man to make her pregnant. 
  • Inhibiting the reach of sperm to the eggs of the women will eventually stop the pregnancy. It is done with the help of contraceptive sponges, cervical caps, condoms, and diaphragms.
  • Keeping ovaries of women away from the eggs that are in the fertilization stage. It takes place in the birth control clinics via shots, emergency contraception pills, birth control pills, and patches.  

Make sure to get a checkup from the doctor before stepping ahead with the Contraception use. It will be based on numerous factors, your health, and your partner’s health as well.

Methods used by Contraception Clinics

Women’s Healthcare Clinic is leading in the health sector, best known for its highly rated Contraception Clinic support. It’s called a renowned Contraception Clinic because of its extensive use of technology and superior services. The birth control clinics use the most effective methods.

All of them are listed below

  • Diaphragms
  • Progestogen-Only Pill
  • Vaginal Ring
  • Combined Pill Method
  • Condoms for Females
  • Condoms for Males
  • Method using Caps
  • IUD – Intrauterine Device
  • Injection of Contraception
  • Vasectomy – Male Sterilisation
  • IUS – Intrauterine System
  • Contraceptive Implantation
  • Contraceptive Patch
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Female Sterilisation

What other services do Contraception Clinics provide ?

Women’s Healthcare Clinic is one of the leading Contraception Clinics in Navi Mumbai. It also helps its clients with the various range of services listed below at affordable prices.

  • Testing during pregnancy
  • Advice on the sexual problems 
  • Menopause advice
  • Medical advice before pregnancy
  • Consultation for the sexually transmitted diseases
  • Safe sex advice

Hiring the best industry experienced doctors, Women Healthcare Center takes care of all your needs as it has verified itself as the best Contraception Clinic in Mumbai.

Contraception Clinics : Faq

  • From where can I avail the Contraception Pills facility?

    Contraception Pills are free of cost if you are under 16 & you can avail this facility from the various sources mentioned below –

    • Young People Services
    • GUM – Genitourinary Medicine Clinics 
    • Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinics
    • GP Surgeries Provider
    • Community Contraception Clinics
  • What is the meaning of Unprotected Sexual Intercourse?

    When two or more partners indulge in Sexual Intercourse without using precautions or contraception, it is known as Unprotected Sexual Intercourse. It increases your chances of catching pregnancy at any point in time during the period of your menstrual cycle. The women can use contraception for the five days that come to be around 120 hours after having unprotected sex. It will save her from unwanted & unplanned pregnancies. 

  • Am I required to be 16 years old for using the Contraceptive Pills?

    You can use emergency Contraceptive Pills if you are under 16. It would require confidential advice and a checkup, and once it’s done, you are provided with the pills from the healthcare workers. Ensure to take along with you somebody mature enough to understand the doctor’s advice and further use of the medications. 

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